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Janine Bessenecker

Eunice Bethke *

Jan Boelte

Paul Briskey

Deb Dieter

Jane Ferris

Deb Gleason

Debra Hetzel Hanson

Marion Howard *

Siraj Hull

Cary Hunkel

Jack Kloppenburg

Diane Knauff

Caitlin Leline Hatch

Carolyn Malm

Claire Mangasarian

Beth Mastin

Mary McCormick-

Connie Miller *

Joan O'Connor

Irene Olson

Kaaren Oreck

Rosemary Penner

Vicki Pierce

Pat Rodell

Elizabeth Sawyer Kelly

Becky Schmidt

Lucy Schonfeld

Beth Scott

Luci Shirek

Mary Ann Simon

Marcia Smith

Cynthia Spratt *

Caitilin Stolle

Tania Thousand

Mary Tilton

Anne Urso

David O. Williams

Hedy Wolf *

Shashi Yadav


* Associate Member Status.


Mary Cuff

Madge Macfarlane

Susan Nitzke

Lu Greig

Susan Young


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